Advisory & Dealing Services

Advisory Stockbroking Services

We give you as much, or as little, support as you want. But you’re in control.

If you like to be involved in the management of your assets but would like advice about suitable transactions, we offer two options:

Advisory Managed Service

We construct your portfolio and monitor your holdings, offering the same level of service as the Discretionary Managed Service. But with the important exception that you make the final decision on any investments. You’ll be appointed your personal Stockbroker from our team of trusted and experienced specialists. They’ll create a bespoke portfolio that is structured to your individual needs, but only after thoroughly discussing your preferences, your attitude to risk and your goals.

We’ll then carefully monitor your holdings and make recommendations on suitable investments, all with the exceptional service you’d expect from a leading investment management specialist. Yet you always stay in control and make all the decisions on any investments.

Advisory Dealing Service

For those that prefer to have advice on individual investments, rather than the comprehensively structured and managed portfolios included in our Advisory Managed and Discretionary Managed Services. Where appropriate, we will make recommendations but will only act on your instructions, without reference to your portfolio or other investments.


Benefit Advisory Managed Advisory Dealing Execution Only
Stockbroker on hand to execute trades over the telephone at the best market price tick tick tick
Trade in shares, bonds, funds, investment trusts, and exchanged traded funds tick tick tick
Access investments from the whole of market tick tick tick
Online portfolio access tick tick tick
Advice and regular telephone contact with your dedicated Stockbroker tick tick  
All advice is recommended by our in-house research team tick tick  
Access to our Capital Gains Tax Service tick tick  
Receive advice on suitable individual investments but you remain in control of how your portfolio is structured tick tick  
Quarterly valuations tick Checkmark Checkmark
Advice on individual investments, plus we'll structure and monitor your portfolio according to sector, geographical and asset allocation tick



The levels and bases of taxation and reliefs from taxation can change at any time. Tax relief is dependent on individual circumstances. 

Advisory & Dealing Experts

Our team is driven by a shared commitment to put our clients at the heart of everything we do to attain the highest possible standards of service. Rest assured, we take your investments personally.