Trust in together.

Trust. It’s a big word, but it’s vital to long-term success. Over the last 25 years of working with financial advisors and their clients, we’ve learned it’s true value. And we know from proven experience that it’s at the heart of building any long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.

By offering an effective way of outsourcing the day-today management of your clients’ portfolios, our range of discretionary investment management solutions also give you more time to spend thinking about the bigger picture, helping you take your business to the next level.

An experienced partner you and your clients can rely on.

As you’d expect from a multi-award winning business, our success is grounded in a track record of consistent investment returns, leading expertise and a personalised customer experience, driven by a team committed to providing the highest possible standard of client service. By continually looking for better ways to combine our expertise seamlessly with yours, we’re forging ever-closer working relationships.

All about you

Your clients have put their faith in you; we know exactly how important that is. That’s why we’ll never take anything for granted, why we’ll work extra hard every day to build stronger relationships, and why we’ll always put you and your clients’ needs first.

Proven performers 

Confidence is everything when it comes to choosing an Investment Manager. We’re rightly proud of the accolades we’ve picked up for our investment performance and services. As well as highlighting the quality of our research and expertise, it’s a reassuring sign that you can trust the quality, breadth and flexibility of our offering.

Investment & risk monitoring process

There is an element of risk in all investment, which is why we have a rigorous process when managing portfolios. Our portfolios are monitored consistently within clients’ risk limits. We believe that our scrutiny of portfolios is amongst the best around so if we’re not convinced of an investments quality, value and suitability, we’ll swiftly replace it if we find a superior alternative.


Our Portfolio Management System (PMS) enables us to monitor all of our client portfolios at the same time, against four market-leading dimensions. These include:

1.      Portfolio risk

2.      Security risk

3.      Asset allocation

4.      Geographical positioning

Low costs, maximum returns

Nothing comforts a client more than maximising their returns. That’s why we do everything we can to keep costs to a minimum. Our disciplined investment process gives us access to stocks and funds from a variety of global sectors at very competitive rates. And the typically low Total Expense Ratios (TERs) speak for themselves.

Flexible and dynamic

When it comes to choosing the most suitable investments, it can pay to play the field. That’s why all our Investment Managers have access to whole of market investment opportunities.

By freeing your clients from the constraints of being tied to certain products or providers, you’ll know they’ll be able to seize the best opportunities available.


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