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Additional Services

Rowan Dartington offer a number of additional services for our clients. These additional services include:

Capital Gains service

As part of our portfolio management service we can offer a fully integrated capital gains taxation service, to ensure that we maximise your annual allowances where possible. We will work in conjunction with you or your accountant and can take into account other gains or losses made on assets that you hold outside of our management if necessary.

Inheritance tax service

We have developed a service that helps you to mitigate your Inheritance Tax liability. This service has very specific criteria in order to qualify for the tax relief and involves investing into the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). This is a specialist area and we would work closely with you to explain all of the risks and benefits involved.

Trustee service

Recent legislation has firmly placed the responsibility for the investments held by charities and trusts with their trustees. We can offer a specialist service that works with trustees to ensure that the underlying investments of your charity or trust fulfil their objectives and meet your obligations. We would be very pleased to discuss the requirements of your charity or trust and have a specialist team who focus in this area.

Probate service

We understand that probate valuations can be costly, complicated and time consuming. We can provide a fast and cost effective administration service to reduce the workload of probate work for law firms and private clients.

Customer care

Our clients’ needs are paramount

Our premium class customer support service is always ready to help you.



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