Continually Monitoring our

Portfolio Management

We continually monitor all of the investments in our portfolios ensuring that we remain convinced of their quality and value and that their outlook is positive and in line with the objective of the portfolios within which they are held. We continually look for new opportunities and will replace an existing investment if we find a superior alternative. Sometimes, as the economic environment changes, we will also make alterations to the investments as their potential changes. This could be to take advantage of opportunities we see or it may be to become more defensive if the outlook for the economy is poor.

This ‘monitoring’ process is on-going and our proprietary Portfolio Management System (PMS) allows us to monitor our client portfolios at the same time and to make changes across portfolios in an easy, quick and timely manner. The PMS allows us to constantly monitor portfolios in four dimensions at the same time by asset allocation, portfolio risk, investment risk and geographical allocation.


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