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Asset Allocation Committee

Every month our Asset Allocation Committee meets to discuss our current allocation to equities, fixed interest and alternative investments and whether this should be changed. This provides a disciplined framework against which we monitor the performance of our clients’ investments. It allows us to change investments as and when we see opportunities or to become more defensive if needed. Typically a portfolio will include a mixture of UK Equity, Overseas Equity and Fixed Income securities, all of which have varying performance characteristics. The proportional weighting of each asset class within the portfolio is driven by a combination of the investment objectives and risk profile.

The Committee discusses many issues ranging from current economic events, the interest rate policies of Central Banks, inflation, the valuation of stock markets, the relative attractions of fixed interest securities compared with equities and much more. The end goal of all of this is to build a picture of what are the critical influences likely to impact our investments and where the best opportunities lie.

The conclusions from the Asset Allocation Committee are then communicated to all the Investment Managers within Rowan Dartington and when applicable, changes are made to our client portfolios. However, our approach to changes in asset allocation is gradual because economies change slowly, so we consciously avoid sudden changes based on short term market sentiment and noise.


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