Change is good


Welcome to your new look Rowan Dartington. Our rebrand is a celebration of where we’ve been and where we’re going. It’s about bringing cohesion and simplicity to our core investment services and collating them harmoniously under one clear identity, which is resolutely, Rowan Dartington.


Our business is about more than just running investments. We take wealth management personally. We know that every client is different and every investment decision is personal. We know that by looking at the big picture and the small individual details when managing wealth we are better placed to help achieve the goals and ambitions of clients, both today and tomorrow.

Our new look is an honest reflection of Rowan Dartington today. But it never forgets what matters; you are at the heart of everything we do. It’s a symbol of what makes us special, a business our people are proud to work for and an approachable, thoughtful and dedicated company to do business with. Change is inevitable. It comes hand in hand with the march of time. So, here’s to the new and another chapter in the story of Rowan Dartington. Join us on the journey.